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Do you AGREE? - Just about every time you do anything online these days, you have to click-to-agree to some kind of terms of use, purchase or subscription agreement.  This is usually a very long, complicated, hard-to-read fine print that, frankly, 99.9 percent of us never bother to read. You just click “Agree” and keep going - it's sort of like the software warrantee plastic sealwrap, you must break the seal to try it, and in the act of breaking the seal, you accept the terms, i.e., you Bought it!

After all, what can it matter?  There are laws governing such things, right?  Laws that protect you, the consumer.  Companies can’t put anything in there that is really going to hurt you down the line, right?  Wrong!  An analysis (opens in a new window) of Whosit's
fine print by J.R. Wilson, ComputerEdge® columnist.

Some HOT (like in HOTEL reservations) DOO fine print ... (more fine print scat)

Updated, Feb '04: Are you a HOTMAIL® user? Did you know that Microsoft can do essentially ANYTHING they want with your e-mail? Click HERE for details.

NEW: INDEMNITY "Catch-all Kicker." Did you agree to defend the "party of the first party" against all law suits, forever!? Click HERE for details.

An oxymoronic footnote.

The internet agreement Catch-22:

When you click on the "I AGREE" button, you agree to something like "Use of this web site is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all provisions of this agreement, including, but not limited, to this paragraph."

In short, if your government has any law that contravenes any provision of the terms, you are agreeing that your use was UNAUTHORIZED and you should not have used their web site in the first place!  That is, it was ALL your fault in the first place and you should have known better (ignorance of the law is 'no excuse'); or, as we would say more succinctly, "Doo on you!"

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Our dotdoo site is under development. Someone said, "The pen is mightier than the sword." I beg to differ, it is not the pen, but the words. Whilst we develop the web site, here are some chuckles, may you enjoy the words:

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