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  • The "free" webmail site: the typical fine print reads that they "own" (have all rights to) everything that you post and passes their portals. Does that mean they can sell your e-mail address? (Actually it is theirs, you are just using it for a while!) REMEMBER: There ain't no free lunch.
  • Is there such a thing as legal usery? If they were a bank, would they be in jail?
  • That nice business is going to help you with free automatic upgrades [did you know that you AGREED to give them access to your computer every time you login - what will they do with the information they gather - I call it automatic profiling - the new success oriented business training programs usually include a session called "Profiling for Profit."] 
  • After submitting a movie ticket order you are presented with an automatic pop-up window AWARDING you a "FREE" $10.00 discount on your next regular order [which, they tell you in a little pop-up window on the side in teeny, tiny print, will cost you $7.00 for handling & processing of the "FREE" discount - this is a painless instant charge that simply will be appended to your current order (which probably would not be noticed - it being burried in an online billing statement itemized listing of my eight tickets plus sales taxes)]. BOTTOM LINE: I will save $3.00 on my next "regular" eight ticket order and they will have had my $7.00 starting NOW!

  • Receive a FREE laptop ( or other enticing "freebee"*) by participating in a "product testing program (or equivalent)". Oh, by the way, if you read the participation requirements you may have noticed that:
    (i) there are rigid manadory schedule requirements,
    (ii) you pay for shipping, processing, et cetera, & handling costs,
    (iii) the requirements are akin to climbing Mt. Everest, and
    (iv) you agree they may change the Terms and Conditions and can drop you for any reason at any time.

    *"freebees" recently seen in spam-mail include $250.00 Wal-Mart and/or Home Depot gift cards; also a $2,000.00 Crate-n-Barrel shopping spree. Tiny footnote disclaimers in the email disavow any association or affiliation with the actual store (appears to be legal in that they buy a real gift card and actually give it to you after you have "climbed Mt. Everest" and paid out several hunred dollars to "participate").
  • ...

... please come back to see what we're up to.  By the way, you did read our terms BEFORE you read anything at, right?   :-)

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